Name: Diamond
2 years
Color: Fawn and Blue Merle
Temperament: Diamond is the true definition of “Alpha Female”.  She loves to be the leader and take charge. She is sweet and kind but demands respect of her territory.  Her big beautiful eyes melt the heart of anyone she comes into contact with.
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Name: Bella
1 year
Color: Black Brindle
Temperament: Bella is a very active Frenchie. She is the tom boy of the bunch and loves to play! She is extremely smart and attentive and learns quickly.
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Bluey 1

Name: Bluey
1 year
Color: Dark Blue Sable
Temperament: Bluey is a playful Frenchie! He gets very hyper easily and extremely excited when he sees people and other dogs. His physique draws attention as he is the perfect vision of the picture perfect Frenchie.
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Dinero 1

Name: Dinero
1 year
Color: Fawn
Temperament: Dinero is a gentle giant! He loves playing with the smaller pups making sure he’s very careful not to hurt them.  He enjoys playing outdoors and taking pictures!
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Tommy 1

Name: Tommy
 7 months
Color: Grey and Black Merle
Temperament: Tommy is a playful pup.  He loves running behind the larger dogs and playing with his toys. He can be identified by his large ears, large paws, pretty spotted eyes, and his unique shiny grey and black brindle coat!
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Sarah 1

Name: Sarah
2 years
Color: Chocolate
Temperament: Sarah is a very inquisitive Frenchie! She’s always the first one to pop up whenever she hears anything and loves to protect her fellow siblings and pups!  She enjoys being around people and can be identified by her large “pug-like” eyes.
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